International Advisory Board

Major end-users from several sectors, including road operators, environmental protection agencies, consultancies and government, are embedded in the project through an International Advisory Board (IAB).The board includes:



Susanna Hogdin

Senior analyst at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Managment, her specialisation is in protecting surface and groundwater resources for the purpose of drinking water production.










Phil Chatfield

Independent consultant who led the water policy team at Welsh Government with particular interests in water abstraction licensing, sustainable drainage (SuDS) and diffuse pollution mitigation.











Ana Maria Telhado

Environmental Engineer with the Portuguese Environmental Agency (part of the Portuguese Environmental Ministries) in the department of water resources. She has been involved in highway environmental impact assessment since 1988 (when the first assessment was undertaken) with direct involvement in the implementation of measures to mitigate impacts on receiving waters during road construction and exploration phases.











Fiona Napier

Senior Specialist Scientist at Scottish Environment Protection Agency, with a focus on the sources, behaviour, fate and mitigation of diffuse pollution.












Mike Whitehead

Environment Team Leader (South & East) and Head of Drainage and Water for Highways England. Of particular relevance to the CEDR PROPER project is his lead role in the development of Highway England’s water risk assessment tool (HAWRAT).










Andrej Ločniškar

An expert in the field of geology, with over over 35 years of experience in field of hydrogeology. He is employed at DRI (an infrastructure development and investment company) with projects ranging from the constrction of roads and railways to airports, seaports and residential complexes. He led the “Commission for highway runoff mitigation” from 1999 to 2015, which enabled him to work with some of the best hydrogeologists and hydrotechnics in Slovenia.









Marguerite Trocme

Head of Environmental Technology in the Road Network Division of the Swiss Federal Road Office, Bern, Switzerland with particular expertise in measures to avoid, minimise, mitigate and compensate for impacts of roads and traffic and other linear infrastructure on animals, plants and natural habitats.












Niels Krogh Kristensen

A member of the Roadmap and Environmental Department of the Danish Road Directorate with a direct role in the planning, development and implementation of highway infrastructure projects that also meet environmental requirements.